Friday, February 3, 2012

Dad's Birthday Invite

My sister, mom, and I are hosting a "surprise" party for my Dad's 60th Birthday tomorrow. I say "surprise" because there is no such thing as a surprise with my dad. Even if we tried to do anything remotely surprising for him, he would smell a rat and guess it before it even happened. So we told hiim we were throwing him a party, but that was all we told him. :) I was tasked (okay, I volunteered!) to make his party invites.

My dad loves the outdoors and spends many nights camping on his land and out in the woods hiking and such. That's why I selected the ever true "Lovely as a Tree" stamp set that has surely stood the test of time on its availability over the years. ha ha I used a sponge to add some color to the branches and grass. You can look closer to see the VersaMark stamped leaves to create a background.

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