Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

What a fun surprise this afternoon! My very first blog award ever! :) I feel so special. ha ha Donna, from Donna's Designs, was sweet enough to brighten my afternoon.

By receiving this award, I am supposed to link back to the person who gave it to me--thanks Donna! Then I'm supposed to tell you 8 things about myself and pass the award along to other blogger's whom I have recently stumbled upon.

Without further adieu, here are the 8 fun facts about me:
1.) I can write backwards. I was so bored in high school that I taught myself how to write backwards, and it has stuck with me. On a side note, I can also recite the alphabet backwards fairly quickly. Try it-it's fun! ;)

2.) I have traveled to 27 States and 5 countries, and Turkey is by far my favorite place that I have traveled-so beautiful! (I have MANY more on my wishful thinking list though)

3.) I am a list maker. I make lists for everything. And my favorite part is checking things off the list. I feel accomplished when I get to mark something off my list. :)

4.) I have an obsessive, addictive personality (hence the name for my blog) and when I find a TV show that I like, I become very obsessed with it by going back and watching every episode, finding video interview clips with the cast, researching about the show online, etc. It's sad, really. I might need a counselor for all of the hours I have wasted watching TV.

5.) There are two things that are guaranteed to make me cry: a-Stories about animals, particularly ones that don't end happily. I can't watch sad animal movies, read or watch news stories about animals that don't have a happy ending. I honestly can't even think about sad animal stories or I will start crying. b-Men and women in the military, particularly seeing them in the airport saying hello or good-bye to their loved ones. The sacrifice that they make for my freedom moves me to tears, literally.

6.) I am always a day late and a dollar short on any fad that comes through: fashion, technology, you name it. I don't start warming up to the idea of change and something new until it's on its way out the currently hip door.

7.) I consider myself a "penny pincher," a trait I definitely got from my dad. However, there are three things I will splurge on: stamps, my hair, my nails. (All things that make us feel better, right?!)

8.) I am a social butterfly. I love to be around and meet lots of new people. I am actively involved in a lot-I like to maintain a busy lifestyle. My husband is the exact opposite. He is a homebody, and likes to stay home...all the time. It is difficult for him to enjoy my socialite lifestyle. But that is why we are perfect for one another. He graciously keeps up with my parties and get-togethers. And I make sure to set aside time for just the two of us. We have been together 12 years and I still love him with all of my heart. :)

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for--my Stylish Blogger Award picks:

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Candice said...

Fun concept!!!
(I love all these things about you!!)

Donna Heber said...


Enjoy your blog award! It sounds like we have some things in common, except I can't write backwards ... lol.

Carla Bazhenow said...

Thank you so much for the Stylish Blogger award!!! As you can tell, I too am always a day late and a dollar short. I so loved ready about you today... I am also a list maker, only to check it off!!!! Hugs, Carla

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