Saturday, March 12, 2016

Stash of Cards

I'm always needing a birthday card, a thank you card, or even just an "I'm thinking of you" card, so I always like to create cards in bulk to always have a stash to pull from. I've been a Paper Pumpkin kit subscriber since it's inception and these quick and easy little kits are so awesome for having projects on hand. I pulled out some old Paper Pumpkin kits that I just hadn't had time yet to complete and went to work. These lovely cards were the end result. So easy. I opted not to do the threading portion of the cards for this project as the needle I had to work with was not as user friendly as I would've liked and got frustrated early on. But if I'd taken the extra time to find a needle with a larger head, the yellow yarn would've been a super cute touch on these fun filled cards. That's right folks...laziness in its purest form!

Not a Paper Pumpkin kit subscriber? It's super easy and for less than $20 a month you can get super easy, but adorable craft projects like this one that are designed for the busy person in mind--you can complete them in less than 30 minutes! Check it out here! Put in my name when asked for your Demonstrator!

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