Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Office Makeover

Hey crafters! Did you know you can take your favorite color of card stock and take it in and have paint matched to it?? That's how I paint all of the rooms in my house now. It makes coordinating colors simple and you can create handmade projects to match, if you want.

My in-home office needed a makeover and though I had not originally intended to paint the walls, dear hubby brought it up, so I ran with it. The color that our office was before the makeover was a deep burgundy--very dark. That's the color it was when we moved in 6 years ago and we never changed it. I don't have a good before picture of the office as I didn't think about capturing one until we already had all of the furniture out in the middle of the room and the paint tarps laid on the carpet. Phooey!

I decided to freshen it up a bit, and opted for Stampin' Up!'s Soft Sky for the wall color.

Feeling ambitious, I decided I wanted to paint our filing cabinet to freshen it up a bit too. This was my first experience with oil paint and let me just say I was not a fan! It takes forever to dry, it stinks to high heavens (we had to open all sorts of doors and windows in our two story house to breathe), and it is NOT fun to clean up after. Three strikes against it in my book, but nonetheless I am happy with the filing cabinet end result.

It's definitely brighter and this room is so much happier now that it's had a makeover!


Andrea W said...

It looks awesome Amy!

Amy Watson said...

Thanks Andrea! Miss you!!

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