Monday, March 28, 2016

A New Creation

I've been wanting to try acrylic paint in my Bible journal since I first began, but I'll be honest, this medium scared me to death. If you mess up, you can't come back from that--it's a commitment. Well, let me say it was way easier than I thought it would be! Rest easy, I promise. A friend recommended that I buy the cheapest acrylic paint they make, so that's just what I did. She noted that the cheaper paints don't bleed through the pages like some of the quality, thicker paints do. I used the keycard technique, where you dab the edge of a hotel keycard (or credit card/gift card) and run it along the page. This creates a very thin layer that you can still see through.

I then added smaller sections of pink, yellow, and green for highlights on the turquoise. Before I painted, I put a layer of wax paper underneath the page to protect any leaking through but nothing even soaked through! Amazing!

You can use a heat tool to set the paint if you have any thick spots, but I didn't really need it. The paint dried super quick. I had a paper towel on hand to help also, but really only used it to clean off the key card between colors.

Lastly, I used black stickers for the lettering and stamped my butterfly stamps using StaZon ink. This stamp set is the Papillon Potpourri from Stampin' Up!.

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