Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Take Along Tote

I realize that it is now April and what I'm about to share is something I did back in February, but it was super fun to make and I never shared pictures of it with anyone before I gave it away, so I thought this would be a good place to do that. The idea actually came from Nichole, and you can get all of the details and instructions on how to make it on on her site.

Once a month, the ladies at church have a get together. I volunteered to host the February get-together, being Valentine's and all. I made a couple of things to give away for door prizes and prizes for the game winners. This is what I made for the final door prize giveaway. It contains a box of cake mix, tubes of sprinkles, tub of icing, whisk, and in the front pocket, there is a bag of red and white M&Ms. Because the M&Ms were so heavy, the bag sank and wouldn't stand up high enough for you to see it. :( Oh well. Overall, I was pretty happy with it. Maybe I'll do another one for spring or something. I just have to decide who to give it to. Ha ha

The sprinkle tubes inside:

Side View:

Front close up:


Deidre Mooney said...

Cute cupcake package..that would make a great hostess gift!! Welcome to the blogging world..I am a bad influence on you aren't I??? Deidre

Claudia said...

Hi Amy,
welcome to blogging. I am Claudia, the bad influence on Deidre :-)
I really love your cupcake kit, I feel a CASE coming on...

Amy said...

Deidre-Thanks...yes you are a bad influence. ;) Blogging is addicting. I've had a non-stamping blog for several years, but most of my readers aren't stampers, so I thought it was easier to post stamp stuff in a separate blog. :)

Claudia-Thanks! It was really fun to make. I want to make another. I almost hated to give it away. ha ha

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