Monday, March 12, 2012

Bahrain/Kuwait Trip

Hey Friends,

I returned from my trip to Bahrain and Kuwait on Friday afternoon, and I spent most of my weekend trying to catch up on sleep! There was a 9 hour time difference between there and home, so it did a number on my system, despite going immediately to their time zone. :) The trip was a business trip for my full time job and although I was in Bahrain a total of 4-1/2 days, the only thing I really managed to see there was the inside of my hotel room and the Exhibition Center. I was only in Kuwait for 2 days and had a little more free time, but still only managed to see what I passed riding around the city between meetings. I will going back to Kuwait in December and hope to have a little more time to explore and venture out. :)

This was the view from my hotel room window and the only time I managed to see the Sea while I was there...

This was thew view from the waiting area for the elevator on my floor.

At the opening reception, this was the welcoming entertainment. They played drums and chanted, and the guy in the white displayed quite the dance moves. :)

A small glimpse of the Sea on the way to the airport...

This was the lovely view from our dinner table the first night in Kuwait.

I'm training to run a 10K race in only a few weeks and wanted to be able to continue while on the road. Since it wasn't safe for me to run alone around the city there, I had to opt for running on the treadmill (which I HATE doing). It was a little easier to bear since this was the view I had from the treadmill. :)

Simon was SO excited to have me home! He was also curious about the different smells coming out of my suitcases in the back of the car. ha ha His favorite thing about me coming home from a trip--sniffing my suitcases!

It's good to be home! And on that note, I had a lovely surprise waiting for me...a brand new camera battery charger and cord! I can now take pictures again with my real camera, instead of my silly iPhone! ha ha YAY!

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