Thursday, January 26, 2012

Luggage Tag

A few years ago, at my first Stampin' Up! convention, the delegate bag that we got that year turned out to be my absolute favorite travel bag that I've ever owned...and I travel a LOT with my full-time job. It was the perfect size, had the right number of pockets on the inside and it was made of canvas so it was sturdy and flexible about stuffing as much or as little as I wanted into it.

The bag is still in pretty good shape considering all the places that it's traveled to (it's always my carry-on so it never has to suffer through the tossing around under the cabin that my big suitcase endures). But I started thinking about how sad I would be if it ever finally croaked and I had to lay it to rest. So, for Christmas, I lent my favorite bag to my mom and asked her to replicate it for me so I would have another. So she did. She used the Spice Cake designer fabric and buttons for the color scheme and made me a chocolate colored (to hide the dirt) canvas (for durability) bag for me. She did an AMAZING job, and I used it for the first time when I went to Leadership.

Before I left, I decided to make a luggage tag to coordinate using the Spice Cake DSP. The AW are my initials, in case you didn't figure that out. :)

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